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The Violin Equipment Programme combines set-up equipment changes with bespoke Alexander Technique training.


This process involves unlearning detrimental playing habits, whilst investigating the most suitable chin rest and shoulder rest that facilitate the process. Equipment changes are made gradually, so that your sensory awareness and muscles have time to adapt. The programme is expansive and works with your general balance, breathing, practice strategies and performance skills.


Individual clients include violinists from major London orchestras, world music and jazz performers, and young students from junior conservatoires and music schools around the UK.


Availability for individual consultations and partnerships.



It is recommended that you have a consultation lesson followed by a minimum of 4 lessons scheduled every 2-3 weeks for optimal results. Since individual needs vary, some students may require additional lessons.


  • First consultation lasts approximately 75 minutes and cost £85.

  • Follow-up lessons last approximately 50 minutes and cost £70.


'Playing Naturally' provides all the equipment (including a selection of chin rests, shoulder rests and pads) required across all stages of the programme. This enables students to try different options and at the end of the programme purchase only the equipment that best meets their needs.

Special discount offered on future lessons if you sign up for Alexander Technique following the equipment programme. 


If you have questions about the Violin Equipment Programme for your school, your students, or yourself, please contact by clicking the button below and entering your details.  

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