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'Playing Naturally' offers Alexander Technique workshops and presentations for music teachers, students and performers. Packages can be designed for music departments inset days, music education conferences, violin and chamber music courses, and orchestra well-being days.

Recent workshops include those with Oundle School (Inset Day and Big Mass Music Day), Pro Corda Chamber Music (Preparatory Course) and City of London School for Girls (inset days for music teachers) in collaboration with the Alexander Technique teacher Esther Miltiadus.

Your priorities are considered in creating bespoke content for your organisation’s needs. There is a repertoire of tried and tested sessions for you to choose from, and expert help with your decision to find one that suits your teaching/learning environment.

Here are brief summaries of a couple of the most popular sessions.


Workshop Oundle School.jpg



Gather a toolkit of practical ideas to prevent playing-related pain and injuries. Use the Alexander Technique to improve your coordination, balance and connection with the instrument. You play two instruments and the first one is you!


Unpack performance anxiety and explore the basic ingredients of being a great performer. The Alexander Technique allows you to break the chain of reactions, leaving you calm, confident and more in control of the situation. Use adrenaline to your advantage!

Alexander Technique workshops and courses are available and can be adapted to suit your budget and time constraints. These range from one-hour workshop sessions up to full day courses. Workshops offer a toolkit of practical ideas to help teachers, students and performers to develop valuable effective practice strategies and a great presence on stage.

To find out more and to discuss your needs, email, call or fill out the contact form.

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